• In Russia quickly becomes cheaper rental cottages

    Rents cottages for rent are considerably lower. And the demand is always present! According to the estimates of analysts ‘Miel’ rents on rent cottages east of Moscow in May of 2008 a couple down So, for example, to the north-east of the capital reduction in rates was 9.8%, while the south-east – 3, 8%. But most significantly decreased the cost of rent in the East (-23.2%). In the case in April, the average rental price in this area amounted to $ 3488 per month in May, it dropped to $ 2679. In other areas the cost of rent, according to the “Miel” rose: north of Moscow – 1.6%, to the west – at 11.18%, to the south-west – by 16.9%, to the north-west – by 19.2%. But most significantly increased the cost of hiring houses in the South (45.9%). In April the average specific stoiost rent was then $ 5057 per month. In May of 7378 has $ per month. In addition, in May at 6.94% decreased the cost of hiring cottages located 10 km from Moscow. For example, a house near the town on the eve of the summer can be rented for $ 8765 per month. Much more significantly decreased in May, the cost of hiring of country cottages away from the Ring Road for 50 km or more. In the event that long residence in April gave up an average of $ 4078 per month, in May, already over $ 2560 (-37.22%). Cottages, located at 10 km and more than 50 km from Moscow in May, enjoyed extensive demand. The most expensive houses, according to the “Miel” is traditionally offered at Minsk, Mozhaisk, Rublevo Assumption, and Elias Novorizhskoe highway. In the place of rent varied from thirty-two thousand to three million rubles a month. At the Kashira, Simferopol and Warsaw highway were recorded cheapest offer – seven thousand rubles a month. “In May, it should be noted decrease in supply houses in all price ranges. A certain increase in demand should be noted on the price of houses up to $ 1,000. / Mo. And cottages cost more than 10, 000 dollars. / mo., with cottages on the second price ranges demand fell. The greatest number of offers is concentrated in the price range of 1000 to $ 3000 per month. Not paying attention to this demand in this price category are not satisfied. The percentage of the cost of hiring supply houses from 1000 to 3000 amounts to $ 28.46% of the total, while the number of demand 40.71%.


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